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Open They Never See it coming

Discussion in 'Dawn Island' started by jagged2, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. jagged2

    Dec 25, 2017
    "So this is the place eh?" Said Zeed as he gazed at the front sign of the pub reading 'Smooth Drag'. Stepping inside the joint zeed was immediately met with the sounds of smooth jazz and hushed toned talking, the vibe if the atmosphere was one of calm and collection. As zeed made his way towards the bar he quickly took stalk of all the people here, noticing the tell tale signs of the marine logo on alot of the overthrown jackets but also the marks of up and coming bounty hunters, some of which Zeed knows from a time far before today. "What can i get you?" asked the bar tender as Zeed sat down on one of the empty stools closer to the jazz band at the back of the pub. "Gime a Scotch on the rocks" Spoke Zeed dismissing the the bartender to his job, as soon as the bar tender left Zeed pulled out a small stack of papers choosing to focus on the first piece of paper and the reason why he's come here at all. The wanted poster read "Wanted Dead or Alive: Smooth Saxophone Sammy" with a picture of a messy haired, frecklef aced human with an unmistakable brass and gold saxophone in one of his hands and gun in the other

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