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Open The Sweet and Simple Life

Discussion in 'Gecko Island' started by Yomi, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Yomi

    Oct 29, 2017
    The moment the men pulled out their firearms Rose quickly moved towards the men crouched down and drew her sword swinging it with such speed that it produced a cutting air wave that managed to cut into the torso of both the men. The men cried out in pain for a moment giving Rose enough time to plunge her sword in to the torso of one of the men killing him. Seeing his comrade so quickly slain the other mobster quickly raised his gun to fire, but Rose preempting the man quickly raised her arm after killing the first man and flicked her finger at the other man three times sending three bullet like air waves into the man’s upper chest before he could pull the trigger causing the man to fall. With both men down Rose then pulled her blade out of the man's torso and proceeded to use it in cutting the door. The man Vito seemed somewhat calm watching this making Rose wonder exactly what his deal was, but seeing how the man didnt make a move Rose didn't find a reason to do harm to someone so high up on the mafia ladder. Still somewhat cautious Rose walked out of the bar to see a man standing in the middle of a vacant road with a gun pointed at her shaking somewhat.

    "Hmm? If I remember correctly then you were the owner of that bar. What business do you have with me."

    "DON'T MOVE!!" the man said pulling the hammer back on his gun.

    "Fufufu, look old man. I don't know what she you have with me, but I don't particularly feel like killing someone so who seems like they are about to die from fright before I even touch them." Rose spoke casually, but there was no deception in her words. If an enemy put himself in front of her she would usually show him no mercy, but to attack the man here would just be shameful, more likely than not someone was forcing the man into this. If possible she would rather interrogate the man. It was when Rose thought this that she heard the familiar click of multiple hammers of guns behind her. Quickly Rose kicked off of the air jumping into the Sky avoiding a barrage of gunfire and landing finally on top of a tall building. The man who prior impeded Rose's path was now bloodied on the ground. "Manager!!!!" a voice shouted out as one of the men who Rose remembered helped with the bar as the rushed out to help the man. Vito however unabashedly strolled out of the bar still unfazed by the scene.

    "Oi Oi, what's with the hold up. This was for the sake of your boss and his kid wasn't it? There she is go at her. You all were going to help him pay his debt weren't ya. Or don't ya care about what happens to the guy's kid."

    "Oh, what is this. It seems that I have heard something quite interesting. Did you perhaps rope these poor villagers into this little game of yours?"

    "Aren't you impressed Red, rather than the guns first routine that we tried back in the day by using their debt as leverage we can get these bloaks to do the work for us just like you did that one time." Vito said somewhat proudly. Rose however could help, but massage her forehead in frustration.

    "You see this is why I can't work with you people!!! You are all idiots! Why the hell would you turn an entire village against you, why the hell would u use people who are inept who seem to have never held a firearm before to accomplish the heavy tasks. Listen, relationships with clients are important, no one can do business by themselves, and coexistence is overall a better proposition then dominating through fear.

    Look if you are going to accomplish a difficult task you send out your best. Pawns are good for at most leverage or distraction, but here all you did was get the innocent locals involved and give them a reason to spite you in the future."

    Hearing Rose mention that the villagers might stab the mob in the back later a frightened look spread across the villagers' faces.

    Whatever, just stop being an add and give the idiot back his kid or whatever else you took"


    Back at the Manor

    The man that had previously assaulted Song was down on the ground. His body was still, and it didnt seem like he would be getting up anytime soon. The man that attempted to use him as a decoy wasn't in a much better state. Having been delivered a heavy shock from Song's electro and with his arm completely broken the man could only yell out in agony. Taking advantage of the situation however five tall men had dashed out of the forest and running past their fallen comrade the men closed in on the gate. In an instant three of the men had received knives in their foreheads killing them instantly. The fourth Sebastian managed to cut down as he passed by, but the last got to slip by some how and was now nearing the Manor.

    "Miss, I will leave this to you for a moment the butler shouted dashing off after the man."

    While this was going on Song was questioning the man beneath her, and as she did there was suddenly a grey blur that flew past Song's face barely missing her. Someone threw a large stone at her head with seemingly incredible speed and as she would turn to see who was the one responsible out of the woods came four tall musclebound men lumbered out of the forest.

    "You are quite cruel aren't you miss. Treating our little brother like THAT!" The man's voice resembled more of a scream as the man speaking pitched another large stone Song's way.
  2. Song Poura

    Nov 13, 2017
    As she was preparing to interrogate her captive, five more of the man's comrades. Song was about to fire a spread shot of electro to deal with them as true to Red's words, these criminals were barely trained and armed with paltry munitions. However the Butler took care of most of the men trying to entered the front yard. Excusing himself as the Butler went after the rest that manage to close into the manor.

    As she went back to looking toward the man whose body was reduced to a mere plaything under the Mink's fury. As she was about to continue her questioning as the Butler seemed to have the others under control. A rock whipped across Song's face scratching along her mask. Looking over to the direction the attack came from, four more large men appeared from out of the wood. As one of them howled at the treatment of their brother, Song stepped on the stunned man's leg and sent another charge through his body curling and twisting his left leg into a web of sinew, bone and flesh.

    The Big Brothers quickly ending their chiding as Song's action angered them even more. Grabbing a large rock he would toss it at the Mink. While his strength allotted the man A powerful throw, it's speed was no where near enough to even come to hitting Song as she move slightly out of the way of it's path. If she was not absolutely livid by the groups actions towards the villagers, she might of played with the man more, however Song quickly retorted by firing A small projectile straight into the man gaping maw let open from his early actions. A rock can only traveling so fast, but lighting is faster than sound. In an instant the man's top half of his head broke apart spraying his brothers with blood and with ever little grey matter the man processed as he clearly never advanced through the Quaternary Period. With one down and three to go, Song wondered how many more would crawl out of the woodwork. If any positives could be taken from this it would be that the island would be rid of degenerates.
  3. Yomi

    Oct 29, 2017
    "And why the hell would we listen to you?" Vito said in refute. In his mind though he may have admired Rose he still wasn't delusional when it came to their status. She was an outsider, an interesting item, but an outsider none the less. What business did someone who wasnt even associated with any big names have trying to order him around.

    "Fair enough, oi barkeeps about how much is your owner's debt?" Rose said in a commanding tone at the barkeeps that had been tending to the body of their manager that they had just gunned down. The sudden shout was enough to scare one of the men to his feet. The man then nervously managed to fumble enough words to give Rose a number. Letting out a sigh Rose reached behind her pulling out a pouch with some gold coins, She put about half of the coins in her pocket and then threw the rest over to the barkeep that spoke up.

    "Congratulations you are out of debt, now hurry up and get your sorry asses out of here and see if you can find that old guy some attention."
    The man and his friends stood there confused for a moment prompting Rose to yell at the men again causing the men to stumble as they tried to get up and vacate from the center of this commotion. There exit however was impeded by three rather large men. Two of which carrying a gun and the other a large sword.

    "Hey come on Red, you are ruining the fun here. You know we may not have all your fancy tactics, but we Mafioso have our own kind of style you know. and the people that turn their backs on us get plugged. If you catch my drift. " As Vito said this this one of the men unsheathed his sword about to bring it down on the heads of the of the barkeep. Midswing however the man was quickly reacted using his blade to guard against a large air wave that would have decapitated the man. Guarding the attack was enough to knock the man back a few feet. The two other guards were somewhat caught off guard by the speed and power of the attack and seemed to be somewhat shocked at their brother regaining his composure from receiving the attack. Rose after sending such an attack suddenly jumped from the roof that she was standing and was now walking towards the men.

    "Maybe you twits don't get, but upon taking that money those guys are my debtors now. If you are going to get in the way of my doing business then I am not just going to sit here and let you lot do as you please, mafia or otherwise, If you want to get through my clients then you are going to have to go through me.


    The three remaining brothers were in shock for a moment as they still were trying to process what had transpired in front of them. It took seconds for fear to take hold of the men, but now they were at least sure that they wanted nothing to do with any of this. Fearing for their lives the men turned tail and ran back into the woods as fast as their legs would take them.

    Back near the manor Sebastian managed to catch up to the intruder sending a knife nearly cutting the man's neck hadn't the man not narrowly dodged. Regardless of whether it hit or miss however to Sebastian the important part was keeping the man away from the family within the manor, and now that the man had had to back away from the door the stage was perfect for the butler to take his time picking apart his prey. Paying close attention to the man's feet, when the man kicked off to try to run at Sebastian, the man had already sealed his fate. Ducking under the man's arms Sebastian slid under the man's arms and using the knife hidden in his sleeve the butler swung his blade into the man's underarm precisely targeting an artery in the man's arm as the man passed by Sebastian, but soon tumbled to the ground from the sudden massive amount of blood loss.
  4. Song Poura

    Nov 13, 2017
    It took a moment for the brothers and the former brother now bio organic fountain spurting blood out through the shredded jaw and throat. Song gave the men no reprieve as she readied a bomb. Their minds finally put two and two together and common sense grasped at then already sealed fates. Spending her bomb in front of the men's path as they fled back into the woods. Like moths to the flame they ran right into the bombs path and were met with a much quicker death then the man she had crippled below her.

    Hearing the commotion between the Butler and the man that escaped from his first attack. While Song's method of dispatching the attackers was much more grotesque and merciless. The Butler played with the man as if he was a fly caught within the spider's net. Knives worked rather well meshing with his precise movements, it fit with his whole aesthetic of the master's caretaker.

    As the last of them fell, only leaving the twisted and deformed man whimpering below Song. As he had seen what the mask women was capable of and what she had done to those that stood in her path, he begged from his life and pleaded for her to not torture him anymore. Song gave no answer as her yellow eyes glared down at the man. He show no mercy towards the now dead father who only wished to protect his son. Song could only imagine the shame he felt as he had to be at this man's beck and call to save his son. The Father was very much how she use to have been when she was a slave to the government, doing anything and everything she could to protect herself. She did terrible things that she would never wish on anyone else to be forced to do or see. Of course thinking back on her past she could've refused or ran like she is now. She always had a choice, she was just to cowardly to attempt it.

    " All you have to do is answer my simple questions". squatting down looking at him as she charged one of her fingers dancing her appendage dangerously close to the man's body. " Who do you work for? Why do you want Jasmine? Where are the rest of your friends? And where are the hostages you've kidnapped"? Song was not going to let the man go even if he did answer her questions. While she might've felt terrible for lying as it heavily frowned upon by Minks to lie. However, this thing that still lingered in her view did not deserve respect or pity as he gave no to others.
  5. Yomi

    Oct 29, 2017
    The three men were a bit shaken as Red stepped towards them. The two brothers first made eye contact with each other seemingly to wordlessly decide that the two of them would need to attack the woman together. With this decided rather than waiting on the woman to the brother that had not been attacked ran forward to confront Red and upon reaching striking range the man swung to the side as if to cut Red in two, but almost too quickly the man's slash was halted by Rose's sword. Try as he might the man wasn't able to budge Rose, but by merely putting a bit more strength into her sword Rose was able to knock the man's blade back causing him to stumble backwards. Ordinarily Rose would seize this opening to deliver a killing blow, but right as one of the brothers was knocked back the other brother dove directly from above so as to try and run Rose through. Seeing through the surprise however Rose flipped backwards three times and then upon catching her ground thrusted her sword forward at the large man right as he landed sending a cutting wave shaped like the end of Rose's blade right into the man's chest. Seeing the man down the large man with the rifle took aim at Rose and fired three shot to which Rose by watching the barrel of the gun and the man's trigger finger was able to efficiently predict where and when the man was going to shoot allowing her to evade the man's fire easily as she closed the distance between the two of them.

    In no time Rose had managed to pull closer and closer to the gunsman making the man all the more worried and his shooting all the more sloppy. Just when it seemed like the Rose was getting close enough to deal the finishing blow, the second man with his sword dove in between the two slashing at Rose to which Rose responded by striking against the man's sword with all her might. Due to the sheer force of impact Rose was able to knock the sword right out of the man's hand. Seeing how the man was disarmed Rose only had to flick her finger once allowing her to fire a bullet like projectile into the man's killing him. Rose's eyes now turned to the gunsman, but before she could do anything the man simply dropped his gun and surrendered, putting his hands up and asking only for his life in return.

    Ordinarily Rose would have clicked her tongue in frustration at the man not willing to see things through, but seeing how the villagers were watching she felt that a sign of mercy might actually be for the best.. As Rose then sheathed her sword she could see that the barkeeps had indeed made it to a safe distance, but Vito was no where to be seen
    At the Manor

    "W-what are you talking about?" the out of fear and sheer helplessness stammered with tears in his eyes. "This was all of big brother Vito's idea. We don't know who this Jasmine or whoever person is. The boss just told us to grab Red's friends that she brought with her to the island to scare her into working with us. The hostages are in some cave near the village with Brother Vito's guards, that is all that I know. Please don't kill me." The man was begging for his life and as he cried out in fear there was a moaning coming from behind Song as the man who had grabbed her before started to stir. He couldn't quite get up, but as his breathing returned to normal he gave a cough and groaned somewhat at the pain that now wrapped his body from being shot."
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  6. Rurnur

    Oct 18, 2017
    64 EXP and 500 beli each, make a request with evidence if you would like to be issued a bounty.

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