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Open Stay Away From My Family!

Discussion in 'Dawn Island' started by GilligansIsle4, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. GilligansIsle4

    Jan 10, 2018
    Quest: Those Pesky Marines
    Sully woke up to hear the birds chirping in the bright morning of Windmill Village. The sun peaked through the blinds as he rolled over onto his other side in his cozy bed of blankets and pillows up in the treehouse his parents built for him in their back yard. It was quite a big treehouse, as it needed to be for such a giant creature. Sully had a room in the house too, but he preferred to make the climb up the tree every night and sleep in a more outdoorsy setting.

    Oh man, I'm so comfy right now. I could stay in bed forever!

    Sully smiled as he buried himself deeper between blankets to get as comfortable as possible before trying to fall back asleep. However, just as he was nodding off, Sully's nose began to perk up as he got a waft of the most delicious smell he knew. BACON! And it's honey glazed too! What a special treat! Sully threw all of the blankets off of himself and ran for the opening to climb down the tree. He made his way down carefully and slowly, as he was still tired and was certainly better at climbing up trees than down them. When he reached the ground, he turned towards his house to see his mom through the back screen door, placing a heaping plate of bacon on the kitchen table. He ran over as quickly as he could on all fours and squeezed through the door before being met with a loud greeting.

    "Happy birthday Sully!!! Your father just went out to get your cake for tonight, but I'm sure he'll be back soon. Sit down, have some bacon! It's honey glazed, your favorite!"

    "Alright cool, thanks mom!"

    Sully was so distracted by the bacon that he had nearly forgotten it was his birthday. He was turning 18, the age where he planned to finally set off for his journey to find out his origin. Now that he was legally an adult, his parents wouldn't be able to stop him from doing anything. It was time to go out on his own and discover the world for himself. But first, bacon time!
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  2. GilligansIsle4

    Jan 10, 2018

    Sully let out a wailing belch as he finished devouring the plate of birthday bacon. He licked his lips sloppily with extreme delight, savoring the smokey-sweet flavor of his all-time favorite breakfast food.

    "Wow mom, that was one of the best batches yet, thanks! I don't know what I'll do without it when I lea-..."

    "Hm? What was that? Why would you have to go without it?"

    Oh crap! I forgot that I still haven't told mom and dad that I'm leaving yet. They're going to kill me when they find out! Well I'm going to have to tell them eventually. I'll do it tonight over cake, so everyone's in a good mood.

    "Oh uh, I guess I wouldn't! You'll always make me bacon when I want it, right mom?"

    Sully beamed at his mom with the cutest look he could muster.

    "Mhm, of course sweetie! Because I love you!"

    Oh god, I'm going to break her poor little heart.

    "You're the best, mom. Anyway I think I'm going to go for a sail now. I'll be back later for cake. Love you!"

    Sully stood up from his spot at the table where he was sitting on the ground and began sauntering out of the back door towards the waterfront.

    "Okay, be careful! I love you!"

    As Sully continued towards the water he began to think about his family and about his dream. These people will always be my family, but I need to learn where I come from.
  3. GilligansIsle4

    Jan 10, 2018
    Sully reached the waterfront and hopped into his family's sail boat. It wasn't a very large boat, a catamaran small enough to be operated by one person, but it could fit at least four, five if it needed to because of the extra seating bars reaching out from each hull. He looked out onto the vast ocean ahead of him. The seas were calm, but the wind was heavy enough to go for a casual sail around the area. Let's see, the wind is blowing northeast, so if I turn to port out of here I should be able to ride it for a bit before tacking back south. Sully did just that, tightening the main sail to let the wind take him north, catching the breeze at the perfect angle to go out a quickly as possible. For a relatively small wind, the boat was going rather fast, and this was entirely due to Sully's sailing acumen and familiarity with his boat. He breezed along, cutting through the water with both hulls for a while in that direction.

    Well it looks like it's time to tack. Sully suddenly pulled the rudder sharply, turning the boat hard to port as the main sail swung to the other side of the boat, where Sully was sitting. However, the sail was tight enough not to hit him and the wind wasn't fast enough to force him to move to the other side of the boat. Completing the turn, Sully started heading south, though slower than before because the wind was largely coming from in front of him. He continued forward and began to see some dark clouds off in the distance ahead. Well that doesn't look great, but I think I should be fine. I'm going as fast as I can right now anyway given the wind. We'll just have to see what happens.

    Though the weather ahead looked grim, Sully was not really too worried. After all, he was an experienced sailor and kind of enjoyed sailing when the weather is conventionally "dangerous". To him it just meant picking up more speed from the faster winds and getting a little more wet. It just sounds like more fun!
  4. GilligansIsle4

    Jan 10, 2018
    Sully could feel the storm coming closer as the sun became more sparse, the wind picked up and the water became more choppy. He was picking up speed even going south because of the intense wind. He began flying over the waves as they grew continually larger, splashing all over himself and his boat, but doing no damage to the two strong hulls.

    "Woo hoooo! Now this is a fun sail! I think I'll stay out for a bit, hahahaha!"

    The massive bear mink blew past the dock to continue southwards into the storm, enjoying the conditions too much to return to shore. The winds gusted, and Sully moved the sail and rudders, catching the winds in many directions, skillfully navigating the sea. Suddenly he saw a blinding bolt of electricity strike down onto the sea far ahead of them. Well, that means it's time to head home. Sully once again yanked on the rudder, sharply turning the boat around, but this time the wind was extremely strong and began lifting the boat onto one hull. Swiftly, Sully ducked under the sail and shifted to the hull that was lifting up, dropping it back to a safe level on the water while keeping control of the sail and rudders. He turned the boat to directly aim for the dock in order to get in as quickly as possible. Rule number 1 on the seas with a small boat is to get out when there's lighting.

    With the storm now in full effect and Sully sailing in the same direction as the wind, the catamaran was going at quite the clip. Often going airborne after hitting a heavy wave, and being up on one hull, Sully was having the time of his life. Well, that was until a huge gust came and capsized the boat at least. Sully was flung from the lifted hull onto the sail which now sat in the water. The main mast floated, due to the flotation device on the top which was intended for the sole purpose of preventing a full capsize. Getting a two-hulled boat back upright from a completely flipped position is nearly impossible. However, if one is up in the air at a 90 degree angle and you're as big as Sully is, flipping it back is no problem.

    Sully moved himself to the bottom of the boat while still holding on so as not to be swept away by the water. He then pulled himself up onto the hull that was in the water and grabbed the one in the air. Shifting his body weight down, he pulled down on the lifted hull and successfully brought it back down to the water. Sully climbed back onto the boat and continued heading towards the dock at high speeds.
  5. GilligansIsle4

    Jan 10, 2018
    After successfully docking and tying up the family boat, Sully started running back home from the shore. I hope I get outta this storm soon, certainly don't want to get struck by lightning! After a bit of running, he managed to clear the storm and was no longer being rained on. He turned and looked back, seeing the storm passing gently, staying close to the water and not coming inland very far. He continued towards his home, this time at a calm, slow pace. It was getting dark out, clearly close to dinner time as Sully began to both see and smell his house.

    Sully sauntered in through the back door and into the living room where he was greeted by his sobbing mother and his father comforting her.

    "Sully! How could you do that to us? Stay out there in a storm like this for so long, we were worried sick about you! And on your birthday no less. We've told you a million times, when there's lightning, come in!"

    "Yeah mom, I know, and that's what I did! The first sign of lighting I saw, I immediately came back in. I didn't get hurt, the boat is fine, no worries!"

    "You know you should be reading the clouds beforehand, son. Those were clearly cumulonimbus clouds, y'know, the ones with lightning?"

    "Yeah yeah dad, I got it, I'm sorry. It's my birthday! Can you PLEASE not lecture me like this on my 18th birthday?"

    "We're just looking out for your safety honey. I'm sorry to get so lecture-y. You are 18 now after all. You're a man now."

    "Well, a bear-man..."

    "Yeah dad, I know I'm also a bear. In fact I'm mostly a bear. We're still not sure exactly how I can talk, walk on two feet so easily or why I have thumbs, but hey, I'm not complaining."

    "You're a strange one, boy."

    "Oh quiet, you."

    Sully's mother slapped his father's arm and immediately perked up, knowing her boy-bear was safe.
  6. GilligansIsle4

    Jan 10, 2018
    After the exchange, Sully and his family moved into the kitchen. When Sully turned the corner, he was amazed to find a table full of all of Sully's favorite foods, almost all different snacks.

    "Oh man, you made everything! Honeycomb crunch, a fruit salad packed with berries, honey nut, bug and fig bars, an assorted fruit, bug and cheese plate, all with a giant pitcher of mango lassi! This is incredible!"

    "Anything for you honey. Happy birthday!"

    Sully plopped down on the ground at his usual spot at the table and began digging in to all of the delicious food. He devoured a little bit of everything very quickly, and went back for seconds. However, much of the food was left over at the end when Sully got full. He let out a big burp, followed by "Excuse me!" and his mom packed up the rest in bags for later. That's when the cake came out.

    With 18 candles lit on the top, the huge cake, requiring both of Sully's parents to help carry it, was being brought out. It was a white cake smothered in honey and sprinkled with bugs. They placed it gently in front of him and told him to make a wish. Sully closed his eyes and made his wish. *Wish cannot be disclosed or it won't come true.* Then he opened his eyes and dope into the cake with both his mouth and claws, like a vicious wild animal.

    Sully didn't notice his mother leave briefly before reentering the room with a small briefcase.

    "Hey Sully, you want to open your gift?"

    Sully perked up and turned his head towards his mother with a big smile on his face, nodding quickly. She brought the briefcase over to him and unlocked it, popping it open to reveal it to be lined with cash. BIG cash.

    "Ever since we adopted you, for the last 15 years, we've been putting away some money for you every year so that when you turned 18, you would have enough to buy your very own boat. We don't know what you'll do with that boat, whether you'll leave and explore the world *starts tearing up* or keep it right here on our dock, which you're more than welcome to do. We'll always love you, no matter where you go"

    Sully was at a loss for words. He had never seen this much cash before, and his parents were just giving it to him. His eyes started tearing up before bursting out into full streams of water running down his face.

    "Oh man, I can't believe this! This is just so great! I don't know what I would do without you guys. I love you so much!"

    The whole family brought it in for a huge group hug, which was very sticky due to all the honey Sully had been consuming.
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  7. GilligansIsle4

    Jan 10, 2018
    The night proceeded largely like any normal night after that. The family spent most of the remainder of the day sitting in the living room, making small talk, telling stories and playing games. Sully was going to miss this familial environment. He loved them and enjoyed having them around and taking care of him. But now that he was 18, he needed to set off on his own path and try to achieve his goal of finding his origin. Tomorrow he would set out across the island to Sunset Village in order to buy himself a new boat. The conversation had largely been avoided throughout the night, but eventually, Sully's father raised the question that was on everybody's mind.

    "So, Sully, when are you going to get your new boat, and what are you going to do with it?"

    Sully's eyes sunk as he grew sad at the prospect of leaving home, knowing it would make his parents sad as well.

    "Well dad, I was planning on getting my new boat tomorrow and, uh... leaving directly from there... I know it's sudden, but I've been wanting to head out to sea recently in order to pursue my dream of learning my origin. I want to know where I come from, what I am exactly. You guys have given me everything and I can't thank you enough for that, but I need to learn the truth about myself. I promise I'll return one day, and by then, I'll know everything!"

    There was a long pause as Sully's parents were shocked by what they heard. I suppose shock wasn't the right word though, no. They knew that one day Sully would want to know about his past, they just didn't know that today would be the day that would come to be, and they didn't know if they were ready for it.

    "Oh my boy, we understand. We always knew this day would come, why wouldn't it? If you weren't curious about your own past I'd be a little concerned myself."

    "We're really going to miss you, but I'm sure you're going to have a GREAT time on your journey, and we know you're strong and skilled enough to keep yourself safe on the high seas."

    The conversation continued on with a lot more words of confidence, goodbyes and all that other gooey stuff. Eventually it was bed time, so Sully retired to his treehouse for one last restful sleep.
  8. GilligansIsle4

    Jan 10, 2018
    A nearly identical scene to the first time Sully wakes up is taking place as the sun peaks through the treehouse blinds and Sully is surrounded by blankets, this time cuddling with his suitcase filled with money. However, this time, instead of the sweet smell of honey bacon waking him up, it is instead the loud yells of men outside his house as well as those of his parents.

    "I told you, you need to pay your taxes now! It has been far too long since we have collected from this town, so it's time to pay up!"

    "I'm sorry sir, but like I said, we weren't expecting this so we don't have the money on hand to pay you right now. If you'll just give us a little more time..."

    Sully perks his head up, hearing the conflict erupting outside and immediately climbs down the tree. He then trots around to the front of the house where he heard them yelling. The first thing he sees when he turns the corner is a marine officer throwing his mother to the ground and pinning her there by her hair.

    "Well if you can't pay then we're going to have to arrest you. Grab them men!"

    Sully's eyes open wide as he is immediately thrown into a rage from the man hurting his family like that. He begins charging on all fours directly towards the officer and the four marines with him, not even questioning why this is happening.


    Sully yells out as he draws closer, three of the marines noticing him and turning to defend themselves. The first one between Sully and the officer holding down his mother has a sword in hand, raising it in defense. When Sully gets to that point he stands up tall on his feet and brings down his right front claw on the man's head with tremendous force, gashing it open and knocking the man to the side, unconscious. The other two alert marines stand further back to each side of Sully with rifles aimed directly at him. He leapts towards the one on his right, swiping at his gun with his left claw, knocking it away before he could release a bullet. The other man shot directly at him, hitting Sully in the left shoulder. Despite the immediate pain, Sully was in assault mode and didn't flinch, sending a clawed uppercut into the soft under-chin of the man he disarmed.

    His second target went flying into the air with the force of Sully's attack, landing behind the remaining marines, unable to continue fighting. The other marine who shot him had now reloaded and let another shot out towards Sully, which missed as Sully ducked down to lunge at him on all fours. Sully chomped down on the man's left leg with tons of force, breaking it as he stood, lifting the man 9 feet into the air by his leg. Sully then raised and brought down his right claw onto the man's dangling head, snapping his neck and killing him. He dropped the dead man and turned to the final two.

    The officer was still holding his mother down, who was looking on in horror. The last grunt had Sully's father standing at gunpoint, probably attempting some kind of hostage situation. Unfortunately, the officer was clearly very frantic and panicky from the whole situation and yelled out a knee-jerk order.

    "Shoot the man! Kill him!"


    A gunshot rang out from the man next to Sunny's father, who was now falling to the ground dead from a gunshot wound to the head.


    Sully yelled out with a fierce roar as he swung his right claw down at the midsection of the officer. He dug his claws into the man's abdomen, lifting him into the air before throwing him backwards, a trail of blood splattering through the air behind him. The final grunt was now reloaded and aiming the gun at Sully's mother, who Sully immediately stood in front of at full height in order to protect her. He walked forward, taking two more gunshots to his chest and left leg before once again crushing the head of the grunt with a monstrous downward swing from Sully's giant bear claw.
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    Jan 10, 2018
    Sully slumped over his father's dead body, sobbing uncontrollably. He could feel the pain of the gunshot wounds, but was too distracted by the horror that just unfolded before him to care. The officer, the only marine left alive by Sully's ferocious assault, yet severely injured from the claw to his abdomen, crawled away frantically in fear. Sully did not pursue, as the threat was taken care of. Instead he sat mourning his father, holding him in his lap.

    His tears were met by only more tears from his mother, who had now walked over and leaned on the beasts shoulder.

    "How could they do this? Over taxes??"

    "I'm sorry mom, this is all my fault."

    "Oh no, honey no! You were just protecting us! You didn't do anything wrong."

    "But... If I hadn't attacked them, there's no way they would have just shot dad like that. They were too rattled by my attack."

    "You don't know that. If you weren't here, maybe your father and I both would have been like this. Those were evil men, Sully. The marine have never done anything good for this village. They usually just leave us be, only coming around to collect taxes once in a blue moon. They can't be bothered to protect us from the occasional mountain bandits or pirates. They're a bunch of cowards. You're a protector Sully, remember that. You protect those people who are important to you. Protect what's right."

    Sully was impacted heavily by these words, simply bursting into heavier tears. He wailed as he cried, unprepared for such a tragedy to happen.
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  10. GilligansIsle4

    Jan 10, 2018
    After getting back inside, Sully sat silently in the living room, thinking, while his mother tried to pick the bullets out of him and wrap up the damage. As long as I stay here, my mom is in danger. I could get a bounty on my head possibly. Or they could think I'm just a violent bear. Either way, someone's probably going to come for me. My plan was to leave tomorrow, but this needs to happen sooner rather than later. He stood up after he was finished getting operated on and stood up next to his mom to tell her the plan.

    "Mom, I'm going to leave. I was planning to go tomorrow, but the longer I stay here, the longer you're in danger. I'll make the trip across the island to Sunset Village to buy a boat and I'll take off from there."

    "I can't stop you, but I really wish you wouldn't. But this is your journey, if this is what you need to do, go. I'll be okay. *tears up* I'm going to miss you."

    His mother embraced the large bear mink, who quickly returned with a bear hug of his own.

    "Here, sweetie, take all the leftovers we saved from dinner."

    Sully took the sweet snacks and grabbed up the briefcase before heading out the door. He said goodbye to his mother one last time before departing, promising to return one day.

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