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A Friendly Guide To The One Piece Roleplay

Discussion in 'Rules and Guidelines' started by Zeo, Nov 15, 2017.

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  1. Zeo

    Zeo Admin

    Oct 10, 2017
    Welcome to the one stop destination for anything One Piece, but more importantly, the One Piece Roleplay! This is a comprehensive guide to get you started with roleplaying and how our system works! Please read it through entirely to know what we have to offer and how everything flows.

    We are an Alternate Universe One Piece roleplay with our own renditions on how things are going to be, separate from the canon storyline. You can go check out our plot and storyline thread by clicking this link!

    First, we will just quickly walk you through what is generally not allowed when you roleplay here at OnePieceRoleplay.com. These rules are generally found around in any roleplay so it should be relatively easy to understand.
    Do not god-mode!
    1. Do not meta game!
    2. Do not power play!
    3. Do not steal other people's works!
    4. Treat others just as you would like to be treated! We are a community and we should not be toxic to one another.
    5. Don't back seat a moderator! Moderators are assigned to do a certain job, so please, let them. If you're not a moderator, simply report a situation taking place, and a moderator will come to the scene.
    Once you have understood those basic rules, let's get started on how things work in our roleplay universe! We shall now talk about your character and anything pertaining to your character in the following post.
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  2. Zeo

    Zeo Admin

    Oct 10, 2017
    A Guide to Character Creation!

    This part of the guide focuses on character creation and everything you are to know to begin roleplaying! We refer to a character sheet as character biography on this forum. We have made it so that your character biography contains all and every information pertaining to your character, from their name, where they come from, to any approved custom submissions. All rules and information pertaining to character biographies can be found in this thread! This thread covers the general biography character rules, information pertaining to a second character slot, and scooping a character biography.

    All characters submitted to take part within the roleplay must follow the character biography template. I will now be going into exactly what you need to make a great character biography, as well as covering aspects that pertain to a character.

    The first section of the character biography is Basic Information. This includes any general information pertaining to your character.
    Article: Name:
    • Name is, as you can tell, the full name of your character. Please include a first and last name. The usage of the middle letter D. has no significance in this roleplay so please keep that in mind.
    • Age of your character's age. Please keep the age at least a minimum of 16 years old.
    • Epithet is what your character is known as, or going to be known as. It's essentially your character's nickname.
    • Race is the available races that your character can potentially be. Please take a look at our available races to choose from. Currently, we have Humans, Fishmen, Minks, and Cyborgs available to play as.
    • Gender is the gender of your character.
    • Personality is what your character is like. This is what makes your character unique from everyone else in how they interact and behave.
    Basic Information

    The second section of the character biography is the Physical Appearance. This includes information on how other characters perceive you when coming into contact with your character.
    Article: Appearance:
    • Appearance should entail a physical description on how your character is. This should be somewhat detailed, at least a few paragraphs long, giving a written description on what your character looks like.
    • Height is how tall your character is.
    • Weight is how much your character weighs.
    Physical Appearance

    The third section of the character biography is the Background Information. This includes information on your characters past that we may need to know.
    Article: Place of Birth:
    • Place of Birth is the island and city/village of birth. You can find a list of islands and locations in this thread to choose from for your characters (include link later).
    • History is any event that has occurred in your past that has helped to shape your character. Please make sure this is grounded with the rank of your character, as those who are lower ranked pirates will not have gained as much experience or been through as much. If you have a somewhat unique family, please submit it into the custom family/clan submission for approval!
    • Dream is what your character wishes to achieve and what they use as a means of motivation
    Background Information

    The fourth section of the character biography is the Roleplay Information. This is any information pertaining directly to things that can affect your character from things that we provide through the roleplay, such as weapons, devil fruits, attribute points, groups you are a part of, etc.
    Article: Faction:
    Fighting Style:
    Skill Profession:
    Devil Fruit:

    Attribute Points (total): 30
    1. Strength:
    2. Endurance:
    3. Speed:
    4. Accuracy:
    5. Willpower:
    Crew/Group/Squad Name:
    Position in Crew/Group/Squad:
    Roleplay Information
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